Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing to purchase Curations Limited. Curations Limited (CL) sells to the wholesale trade only. All orders should be confirmed with your representative. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • To qualify as a Non-Stocking Dealer you must supply at least one of the following:
  • Current Business or State Profession License, in a Residential or Commercial design-based business, or the Hospitality industry
  • Proof of current AI or IDI provincial registration
  • Business ID number
  • Proof of current ASID membership
  • Interior design certification (e.g. NCID, CCIDC)
  • W9, Federal ID form, or EIN number
  • Resale or Sales Tax Certificate
  • To qualify as a Stocking Dealer you must supply:
  • A copy of the company letter head or business card
  • A valid resale certificate
  • A listing of the store hours
  • A photograph of the retail location, showing the front of the building, sign and business name matching the letterhead or business card.
To obtain this special price, you must order a container of furniture that is shipped directly from the country of origin to your store, warehouse or project location. The container can be loaded with the same country zone. The zones are indicated on the price list. Direct container sizes are 20', 40', 40' high cube. Your Sales representative will be happy to assist you in order to maximize the container load. Container minimums per item.